Uses of Interface

Packages that use DeployerMBean
org.jboss.deployment Core deployment framework and services. 
org.jboss.deployment.cache Deployment caching components. 

Uses of DeployerMBean in org.jboss.deployment

Subinterfaces of DeployerMBean in org.jboss.deployment
 interface MainDeployerMBean
          MainDeployer MBean interface

Classes in org.jboss.deployment that implement DeployerMBean
 class MainDeployer
          The main/primary component for deployment.

Uses of DeployerMBean in org.jboss.deployment.cache

Subinterfaces of DeployerMBean in org.jboss.deployment.cache
 interface DeploymentCacheMBean
          MBean interface.

Classes in org.jboss.deployment.cache that implement DeployerMBean
 class DeploymentCache
          A Deployer-like service which intercepts deploy/undeploy calls to MainDeployer and provides local caching of target URLs using local disk.

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