Package org.jboss.system.server

Core server and loading support.


Interface Summary
Server The interface of the basic JBoss server component.
ServerConfig The interface of the basic typed JBoss server configuration.
ServerConfigImplMBean MBean interface.
ServerImplMBean MBean interface.
ServerInfoMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
NoAnnotationURLClassLoader A URL classloader to avoid URL annotation of classes in RMI
ServerConfigImpl A container for the basic configuration elements required to create a Server instance.
ServerConfigLocator A helper for locating the ServerConfig instance for the running server.
ServerConfigUtil Utilities for accessing server configuration.
ServerImpl The main container component of a JBoss server instance.
ServerInfo An MBean that provides a rich view of system information for the JBoss server in which it is deployed.
ServerLoader A helper class to load a JBoss server instance.

Package org.jboss.system.server Description

Core server and loading support.

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