Package org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc

Interface Summary
ExceptionSorter An interface to allow for exception evaluation.
StatementAccess A simple interface that allow us to get the underlying driver specific statement implementation back from the wrapper.
ValidConnectionChecker Checks that a connection is valid

Class Summary
BaseWrapperManagedConnection BaseWrapperManagedConnection
BaseWrapperManagedConnectionFactory BaseWrapperManagedConnectionFactory
CachedCallableStatement A cache wrapper for java.sql.CallableStatement
CachedPreparedStatement Wrapper class for cached PreparedStatements.
CheckValidConnectionSQL Implements check valid connection sql
NullExceptionSorter Does not check the exception.
NullValidConnectionChecker Does not check the connection.
PreparedStatementCache LRU cache for PreparedStatements.
WrappedCallableStatement WrappedCallableStatement
WrappedConnection A wrapper for a connection.
WrappedConnectionRequestInfo WrappedConnectionRequestInfo
WrappedPreparedStatement A wrapper for a prepared statement.
WrappedResultSet A wrapper for a result set
WrappedStatement A wrapper for a statement.
WrapperDataSource WrapperDataSource

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