Class Summary
AppCallbackHandler JBAS-3109:AppCallbackHandler as the default CallbackHandler in the security module An implementation of the JAAS CallbackHandler interface that handles NameCallbacks, PasswordCallback, TextInputCallback and the JBoss ByteArrayCallback.
ByteArrayCallback An implementation of Callback that obtains a binary parameter as a byte[].
CallbackHandlerPolicyContextHandler A PolicyContextHandler implementation that allows a dynamic CallbackHandler to be associated with the current context for use with authentication.
ConsoleInputHandler An implementation of CallbackHandler that obtains the values for NameCallback and PasswordCallback from the console.
MapCallback An implementation of Callback that simply allows for a map of information to be exchanged.
ObjectCallback An implementation of Callback that simply obtains an Object to be used as the authentication credential.
SecurityActions Security actions for the callback package
SecurityAssociationCallback An implementation of Callback useful on the server side for propagating the request Principal and credentials to LoginModules.
SecurityAssociationHandler An implementation of CallbackHandler is assigned a Principal, and opaque Object credential as values passed to the constructor.
UsernamePasswordHandler A simple implementation of CallbackHandler that sets a username and password in the handle(Callback[]) method to that passed in to the constructor.

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