Interface Summary
DynamicLoginConfigMBean The management interface for the DynamicLoginConfig service.
XMLLoginConfigMBean The managment bean interface for the XML based JAAS login configuration object.

Class Summary
AppConfigurationEntryHolder A container for creating AppConfigurationEntry during jbxb parse.
AuthenticationInfo The login module configuration information.
AuthenticationInfoContainer A container for creating AuthenticationInfo during jbxb parse.
ConfigUtil Utility methods for parsing the XMlLoginConfig elements into AuthenticationInfo instances.
DynamicLoginConfig A security config mbean that loads an xml login configuration using the XMLLoginConfig.loadConfig(URL config) operation on start, and unloads the contained login module configurations on stop.
LoginConfigObjectModelFactory A JBossXB object factory for parsing the login-config.xml object model.
ModuleOptionContainer ModuleOption declares a constructor that takes name as a parameter while the value should be set with the setter.
PolicyConfig The root object for the login-config.xml descriptor as defined by the security-config_4_0.xsd.
XMLLoginConfig An MBean for managing a XMLLoginConfigImpl instance.
XMLLoginConfigImpl An concrete implementation of the class that parses an xml configuration of the form: starksm

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