Package org.jboss.cache.invalidation

Interface Summary
BridgeInvalidationSubscription Every bridge subscribing to a InvalidationManager has access to this interface that it can used to invalidate messages on the local IM.
Invalidatable Represent an invalidable resource, such as a cache
InvalidationBridgeListener InvalidationManager (IM) represents locally managed caches and invaliders.
InvalidationGroup An InvalidationGroup (IG) is the meeting point of all caches and invaliders working for the same cached information.
InvalidationManagerMBean Main service dealing with cache invalidation.

Class Summary
BatchInvalidation Structure that contains keys to be invalidated and the name of the group on which these invalidation must be performed.
InvalidationManager Implementation of InvalidationManagerMBean
InvalidationsTxGrouper Utility class that can be used to group invalidations in a set of BatchInvalidations structure and only commit them alltogether at transaction commit-time.

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