Package org.jboss.jmx.connector.invoker

Interface Summary
InvokerAdaptorServiceMBean MBean interface.
MBeanProxyRemoteMBean MBeanProxyRemoteMBean.

Class Summary
AuthenticationInterceptor A security interceptor that requires an authorized user for invoke(Invocation) operation calls when the SecurityDomain and SecurityMgr attributes are specified.
AuthorizationInterceptor An Interceptor that aids in providing Authorization to JMX Invocations at an MBean Operations level.
ExternalizableRolesAuthorization JBAS-3203: Delegate for Authorization Interceptor for RMIAdaptor should have roles configurable Authorization Delegate used by the AuthorizationInterceptor that gets its predefined roles from a properties file
InvokerAdaptorService A JBoss service exposes an invoke(Invocation) operation that maps calls to the ExposedInterface onto the MBeanServer this service is registered with.
MBeanProxyRemote MBeanProxyRemote.
RolesAuthorization A default authorization delegate used by the AuthorizationInterceptor.

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