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ActivationConfigPropertyMetaData Parse the activation-config-property element used in message driven bean.
ApplicationMetaData The top level meta data from the jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml descriptor.
AssemblyDescriptorMetaData The meta data object for the assembly-descriptor element.
BeanMetaData A common meta data class for the entity, message-driven and session beans.
CacheInvalidationConfigMetaData Manages attributes related to distributed (possibly local-only) cache invalidations
ClientMetaData The metdata data from a j2ee application-client.xml descriptor
ClusterConfigMetaData The meta data object for the cluster-config element.
ConfigurationMetaData The configuration information for an EJB container.
EjbPortComponentMetaData The metdata data for session/port-component element from jboss.xml
EntityMetaData The meta data information specific to entity beans.
InvokerProxyBindingMetaData The configuration information for invoker-proxy bindingss that may be tied to a EJB container.
IorSecurityConfigMetaData Describes the security configuration information for the IOR.
MessageDestinationMetaData Message Destination Metadata
MessageDestinationRefMetaData Message Destination Reference Metadata
MessageDrivenMetaData Provides a container and parser for the metadata of a message driven bean.
MetaData An abstract base class for metadata containers.
MethodAttributes Provides meta-data for method-attributes get* true true 100
MethodMetaData The combination of the method-permission, container-transaction
QueryMetaData Contains information about ejb-ql queries.
RelationMetaData Represents one ejb-relation element found in the ejb-jar.xml file's relationships elements.
RelationshipRoleMetaData Represents one ejb-relationship-role element found in the ejb-jar.xml file's ejb-relation elements.
ResourceEnvRefMetaData The meta data information for a resource-env-ref element.
ResourceRefMetaData The meta data information for a resource-ref element.
SecurityIdentityMetaData The meta data object for the security-identity element.
SecurityRoleRefMetaData The metadata object for the security-role-ref element.
SessionMetaData The meta data information specific to session beans.
WebMetaData A representation of the web.xml and jboss-web.xml deployment descriptors as used by the AbstractWebContainer web container integration support class.
WebSecurityMetaData Encapsulation of the web.xml security-constraints
WebSecurityMetaData.WebResourceCollection The security-constraint/web-resource-collection child element container
XmlFileLoader XmlFileLoader class is used to read ejb-jar.xml, standardjboss.xml, jboss.xml files, process them using DTDs and create ApplicationMetaData object for future use.

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