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Interface Summary
ExternalContextMBean MBean interface.
JNDIBindingServiceMgrMBean The JNDIBindingServiceMgr standard MBean interface
JNDIViewMBean MBean interface.
LinkRefPairServiceMBean The management interface for the link ref pair service.
NamingAliasMBean MBean interface.
NamingServiceMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
BridgeNamingContextFactory A naming provider InitialContextFactory implementation that combines two Naming services to allow for delegation of lookups from one to the other.
ENCFactory Implementation of "java:comp" namespace factory.
ENCThreadLocalKey Return a LinkRef based on a ThreadLocal key.
ExternalContext A MBean that binds an arbitrary InitialContext into the JBoss default InitialContext as a Reference.
ExternalContext.SerializableInitialContext The external InitialContext information class.
HttpNamingContextFactory A naming provider InitialContextFactory implementation that obtains a Naming proxy from an HTTP URL.
JNDIBinding A representation of a binding into JNDI.
JNDIBindings A collection of JNDI bindings
JNDIBindingService A service which allows arbitrary values to be bound into JNDI.
JNDIBindingServiceMgr A service wrapper which allows arbitrary values to be bound into JNDI.
JNDIView A simple utlity mbean that allows one to recursively list the default JBoss InitialContext.
LinkRefPair A pair of addresses, one to be used in the local machine, the other in remote machines.
LinkRefPairObjectFactory An object factory that allows different objects to be used in the local virtual machine versus remote virtual machines
LinkRefPairService An mbean used to construct a link ref pair
NamingAlias A simple utility mbean that allows one to create an alias in the form of a LinkRef from one JNDI name to another.
NamingContextFactory A variation of the org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory InitialContextFactory implementation that maintains the last envrionment used to create an InitialContext in a thread local variable for access within the scope of the InitialContext.
NamingService A JBoss service that starts the jnp JNDI server.
Util A static utility class for common JNDI operations.

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