Package org.jboss.web

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Interface Summary
AbstractWebContainerMBean MBean interface.
AbstractWebDeployerMBean MBean interface.
WebModuleMBean The standard mbean service interface for the WebModule
WebServiceMBean WebService MBean interface

Class Summary
AbstractWebContainer A template pattern class for web container integration into JBoss.
AbstractWebDeployer A template pattern class for web deployer integration into JBoss.
ThreadPool A simple thread pool.
WebApplication A WebApplication represents the information for a war deployment.
WebClassLoader A simple subclass of URLClassLoader that is used in conjunction with the the WebService mbean to allow dynamic loading of resources and classes from deployed ears, ejb jars and wars.
WebModule A container service used to introduce war dependencies.
WebPermissionMapping A utility class encapsulating the logic for building the web container JACC permission from a deployment's metadata.
WebServer A mini webserver that should be embedded in another application.
WebService The WebService implementation.

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