Package org.jboss.cache.config

Interface Summary
EvictionPolicyConfig This class encapsulates the configuration element for an eviction policy.

Class Summary
CacheLoaderConfig Holds the configuration of the cache loader chain.
CacheLoaderConfig.IndividualCacheLoaderConfig Configuration object that holds the confguration of an individual cache loader.
CacheLoaderConfig.IndividualCacheLoaderConfig.SingletonStoreConfig Configuration for a SingletonStoreCacheLoader
Configuration Encapsulates the configuration of a Cache.
ConfigurationComponent Base superclass of Cache configuration classes that expose some properties that can be changed after the cache is started.
Option Used to override characteristics of specific calls to the cache.

Enum Summary
Configuration.CacheMode Cache replication mode.
Configuration.NodeLockingScheme Cache node locking scheme.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException An exception that represents an error in the configuration.

Annotation Types Summary
Dynamic Annotation that marks fields in Configuration as being modifiable even after the cache has started.