Package org.jboss.cache.loader

Interface Summary
CacheLoader A CacheLoader implementation persists and load keys to and from secondary storage, such as a database or filesystem.
CacheLoaderAop Responsible for storing and retrieving objects to/from secondary storage.
ConnectionFactory ConnectionFactory interface defining the operations to be defined by connection providers

Class Summary
AbstractCacheLoader A convenience abstract implementation of a CacheLoader.
AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader provides standard functionality for a cache loader that simply delegates each operation defined in the cache loader interface to the underlying cache loader, basically acting as a proxy to the real cache loader.
AdjListJDBCCacheLoader Adjacency List Model is the model of persisting trees in which each children holds a reference to its parent.
AdjListJDBCCacheLoaderConfig AdjListJDBCCacheLoaderConfig
AsyncCacheLoader The AsyncCacheLoader is a delegating cache loader that extends AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader overriding methods to that should not just delegate the operation to the underlying cache loader.
C3p0ConnectionFactory Standalone connection factory based on c3p0 connection pooling library
CacheLoaderManager Manages all cache loader functionality.
ChainingCacheLoader This decorator is used whenever more than one cache loader is configured.
ClusteredCacheLoader A cache loader that consults other members in the cluster for values.
FileCacheLoader Simple file-based CacheLoader implementation.
JDBCCacheLoader JDBC implementation of AdjListJDBCCacheLoader.
JDBCCacheLoaderConfig Builds the different SQLs needed by JDBCCacheLoader.
JDBCCacheLoaderOld Deprecated. please use the JDBCCacheLoader.
JDBCCacheLoaderOldConfig Deprecated. please use JDBCCacheLoaderConfig
LocalDelegatingCacheLoader DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a local (in the same VM) CacheImpl.
ManagedConnectionFactory ManagedConnectionFactory for Application Server managed environments
SingletonStoreCacheLoader SingletonStoreCacheLoader is a delegating cache loader used for situations when only one node should interact with the underlying store.
SingletonStoreDefaultConfig Default singleton store cache loader configuration implementation, which is provided with the default singleton store cache loader implementation.
TcpDelegatingCacheLoader DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a remote (not in the same VM) CacheImpl using TCP/IP for communication.

Exception Summary
SingletonStoreCacheLoader.PushStateException Exception representing any issues that arise from pushing the in-memory state to the cache loader.