Package org.jboss.cache.marshall

Interface Summary
Marshaller A marshaller is a class that is able to marshall and unmarshall objects efficiently.
ObjectStreamFactory ObjectStreamFactory

Class Summary
AbstractMarshaller Abstract AbstractMarshaller for JBoss Cache.
CacheMarshaller200 An enhanced marshaller for RPC calls between CacheImpl instances.
InactiveRegionAwareRpcDispatcher Extends RpcDispatcher and adds the possibility that the marshaller may throw InactiveRegionExceptions.
MarshallUtil Utility methods related to marshalling and unmarshalling objects.
MethodCall An extension of the JGroups MethodCall class.
MethodCallFactory Factory class to create instances of org.jboss.cache.marshall.MethodCall
MethodDeclarations Class containing Method and Method id definitions as well methods allowing lookup operations both ways.
NodeData Serializable representation of the data of a node (FQN and attributes)
ObjectSerializationFactory Factory class for creating object output and inut streams, to allow for multiple mechanisms of serialization.
VersionAwareMarshaller A delegate to various other marshallers like CacheMarshaller200.

Exception Summary
InactiveRegionException Thrown by a AbstractMarshaller instance when attempting to perform an operation on an inactive region.
MarshallingException Thrown when there is an exception in marshalling.
RegionNameConflictException MarshRegion name conflicts with pre-existing regions.
RegionNotFoundException MarshRegion name not found.