Package org.jboss.cache

Interface Summary
Cache<K,V> Interface for a Cache where data mappings are grouped and stored in a tree data structure consisting of Nodes.
CacheFactory<K,V> This factory constructs a cache from a given or default configuration set.
CacheSPI<K,V> A more detailed interface to Cache, which is used when writing plugins for or extending JBoss Cache.
Node<K,V> A Node is a named logical grouping of data in the JBoss Cache.
NodeSPI<K,V> A more detailed interface to Node, which is used when writing plugins for or extending JBoss Cache.
Region Defines characteristics such as class loading and eviction of Nodes belonging to a Region in a Cache.
TreeCacheViewMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
AbstractNode<K,V> Base class for UnversionedNode.
CacheImpl<K,V> The default implementation class of Cache and CacheSPI.
ConsoleListener This class provides a non-graphical view of JBossCache replication events for a replicated cache.
DefaultCacheFactory<K,V> Default (singleton) implementation of the CacheFactory interface.
Fqn<E> A Fully Qualified Name (Fqn) is a list of names (typically Strings but can be any Object), which represent a path to a particular Node or sometimes a Region in a Cache.
FqnComparator Compares the order of two FQN.
InvocationContext This context holds information specific to a method invocation.
Modification Represents a modification in the cache.
NodeFactory<K,V> Generates new nodes based on the CacheSPI configuration.
RegionImpl Default implementation of a Region
RegionManager Manages multiple Regions for a Cache instance.
ReplicationQueue Periodically (or when certain size is exceeded) takes elements and replicates them.
RPCManagerImpl Manager that handles all RPC calls between JBoss Cache instances
UnversionedNode<K,V> Basic data node class.
Version Contains version information about this release of JBoss Cache.
Version.Retro Retroweaver version info.
VersionedNode<K,V> VersionedNode extends the UnversionedNode by adding a DataVersion property.

Enum Summary
CacheStatus Various states that an object that has a four stage lifecycle (i.e.
Region.Type Types of regions.

Exception Summary
CacheException Thrown when operations on Cache or Node fail unexpectedly.
NodeNotExistsException Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
RegionNotEmptyException Thrown when an attempt is made to RegionManager.activate(Fqn) activate a subtree} root in Fqn that already has an existing node in the cache.
ReplicationException Thrown when a replication problem occurred
SuspectException Thrown when a member is suspected during remote method invocation