Package org.jboss.cache.util

Class Summary
BeanUtils Simple JavaBean manipulation helper methods
BitEncodedIntegerSet A Set that encodes integers as bits in a long.
CachePrinter Helper that prints the contents of a Cache to a string.
DeltaMap<K,V> Wraps an existing map, which is not modified, reflecting modifications in an internal modification set.
ImmutableListCopy<E> A lightweight, read-only copy of a List.
ImmutableSetCopy<E> This is based on an ImmutableListCopy, with the assumption that the set passed in would ensure uniqueness of elements.
MapCopy<K,V> Contains a fixed array of read-only map entries, from a copy of an existing map.
MinMapUtil Minimizes Map memory usage by changing the map instance based on the number of stored entries.
ThreadGate A reclosable gate with timeout support.
Util General utility methods used throughout the JBC code base.
Util.MapModifications Static inner class that holds 3 maps - for data added, removed and modified.

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