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6.4.2. JDK5.0 field level annotations

In Release 2.0, we have added two additional field level annotations for customized behavior. The first one is @org.jboss.cache.pojo.annotation.Transient . When applied to a field variable, it has the same effect as the Java language transient keyword. That is, PojoCache won't put this field into cache management (and therefore no replication).

The second one is @org.jboss.cache.pojo.annotation.Serializable , when applied to a field variable, PojoCache will treat this variable as Serializable , even when it is Replicable . However, the field will need to implement the Serializable interface such that it can be replicated.

Here is a code snippet that illustrates usage of these two annotations. Assuming that you have a Gadget class:

public class Gadget
   // resource won't be replicated
   Resource resource;

   // specialAddress is treated as a Serializable object but still has object relationship
   SpecialAddress specialAddress;

   // other state variables

Then when we do:

   Gadget gadget = new Gadget();
   Resource resource = new Resource();
   SpecialAddress specialAddress = new SpecialAddress();

   // setters

   // put into PojoCache management
   cache1.putObject("/gadget", gadget);

   // retrieve it from another cache instance
   Gadget g2 = (Gadget) cache2.getObject("/gadget");

   // This is should be null because of @Transient tag so it is not replicated.

   SepcialAddress d2 = g2.getSpecialAddress();
   d2.setName("inet"); // This won't get replicated automatically because of @Serializable tag
   ge.setSpecialAddress(d2); // Now this will.