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6.5. Weaving

As already mentioned, a user can use the aop precompiler ( aopc ) to precompile the POJO classes such that, during runtime, there is no additional system class loader needed. The precompiler will read in pojocache-aop.xml and weave the POJO byte code at compile time. This is a convenient feature to make the aop less intrusive.

Below is an Ant snippet that defines the library needed for the various Ant targets that we are listing here. User can refer to the build.xml in the distribution for full details.

<path id="aop.classpath">
   <fileset dir="${lib}">
      <include name="**/*.jar" />
      <exclude name="**/jboss-cache.jar" />
      <exclude name="**/j*unit.jar" />
      <exclude name="**/bsh*.jar" />