Package org.jboss.cache.buddyreplication

Interface Summary
BuddyLocator Buddy Locators help the BuddyManager select buddies for its buddy group.

Class Summary
BuddyFqnTransformer Knows how to transform between fqn and buddy-formated fqns.
BuddyGroup Value object that represents a buddy group
BuddyManager Class that manages buddy replication groups.
Fqn2BuddyFqnVisitor For each command the fqns are changed such that they are under the current buddy group's backup subtree (e.g., /_buddy_backup_/my_host:7890/) rather than the root (/).
GravitateResult A class that encapsulates the result of a data gravitation call, a part of the Buddy Replication framwork.
NextMemberBuddyLocator This buddy locator uses a next-in-line algorithm to select buddies for a buddy group.
NextMemberBuddyLocatorConfig Type-specific configuration object for NextMemberBuddyLocator.

Exception Summary
BuddyNotInitException Exception to depict that a buddy has not been initialised to participate in any comms

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