Package org.jboss.cache.commands

Interface Summary
CommandsFactory Factory for all types of cache commands.
DataCommand Commands of this type manipulate data in the cache.
ReplicableCommand The core of the command-based cache framework.
VersionedDataCommand Just like a DataCommand, except that these are versioned and reversible too.
VisitableCommand A type of command that can accept Visitors, such as CommandInterceptors.
Visitor This interface is the core of JBoss Cache, where each VisitableCommand can be visited by a Visitor implementation.
WriteCommand A write command that has a reference to a GlobalTransaction.

Class Summary
AbstractVisitor An abstract implementation of a Visitor that delegates all visit calls to a default handler which can be overridden.
CommandsFactoryImpl This is the implementation to use for most commands and most locking schemes.
OptimisticCommandsFactoryImpl Deprecated. will be removed with opt locking
PessimisticCommandsFactoryImpl Deprecated. will be removed with possimistic locking

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