Class Summary
AbstractDataCommand An abstract class providing basic functionality of all DataCommands.
ExistsCommand Checks whether a given node exists in current in-memory state of the cache.
GetChildrenNamesCommand This command retrieves the names of children for a specific Fqn, as defined by Node.getChildrenNames()

This is the equivalent of the old MethodCallDefinitions.getChildrenNamesMethodLocal method call from 2.1.x.

GetDataMapCommand Implements functionality defined by Cache.getData(org.jboss.cache.Fqn)

This is the equivalent of the old MethodCallDefinitions.getDataMapMethodLocal method call from 2.1.x.

GetKeysCommand Implements functionality defined by Cache.getKeys(org.jboss.cache.Fqn)

This is the equivalent of the old MethodCallDefinitions.getKeysMethodLocal method call from 2.1.x.

GetKeyValueCommand Implements functionality defined by Cache.get(String, Object)

This is the equivalent of the old MethodCallDefinitions.getKeyValueMethodLocal method call from 2.1.x.

GetNodeCommand Implements functionality defined by Cache.getNode(org.jboss.cache.Fqn)

This is the equivalent of the old MethodCallDefinitions.getNodeMethodLocal method call from 2.1.x.

GravitateDataCommand Used with buddy replication's DataGravitatorInterceptor.

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