Package org.jboss.cache.config.parsing

Class Summary
CacheConfigsXmlParser Parser able to parse a series of cache configurations stored in an XML document with the following structure:
ConfigFilesConvertor Class used for converting a config file from from 2.x version to 3.x verison.
JGroupsStackParser The purpose of this class is to parse the jgroups configuration from the config file into an compact string that can be passed as a config to the channel.
ParsedAttributes Helper class for holding attributes defined in configuration file.
RootElementBuilder Parses an xml files and validates xml elements form RootElementBuilder.JBOSSCACHE_CORE_NS_31 namespace according to the configured schema.
XmlConfigHelper A simple XML utility class for reading configuration elements
XmlConfigurationParser Reads in XMLconfiguration files and spits out a Configuration object.
XmlConfigurationParser2x Deprecated.  
XmlParserBase Contains utility methods that might be useful to most of the parsers.

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