Annotation Type Inject

public @interface Inject

Used to annotate a method as one that is used to inject a registered component into another component. The component to be constructed must be built using the ComponentFactory.construct(Class) method, or if your object that needs components injected into it already exists, it can be built using the ComponentRegistry.wireDependencies(Object) method.

Usage example:

       public class MyClass
          private TransactionManager tm;
          private BuddyManager bm;
          private Notifier n;

&Inject public void setTransactionManager(TransactionManager tm) { = tm; }

&Inject public void injectMoreStuff(BuddyManager bm, Notifier n) { = bm; this.n = n; } }

and an instance of this class can be constructed and wired using
       MyClass myClass = componentFactory.construct(MyClass.class); // instance will have dependencies injected.

Manik Surtani

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