Package org.jboss.cache.interceptors.base

Class Summary
CommandInterceptor This is the base class for all interceptors to extend, and implements the Visitor interface allowing it to intercept invocations on VisitableCommands.
JmxStatsCommandInterceptor Base class for all the interceptors exposing management statistics.
PrePostProcessingCommandInterceptor This interceptor adds pre and post processing to each visitXXX() method.
SkipCheckChainedInterceptor This interceptor will call SkipCheckChainedInterceptor.skipInterception(org.jboss.cache.InvocationContext ,org.jboss.cache.commands.VisitableCommand) before invoking each visit method (and the SkipCheckChainedInterceptor.handleDefault(org.jboss.cache.InvocationContext , org.jboss.cache.commands.VisitableCommand) method).

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