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Packages that use LockStrategy

Uses of LockStrategy in org.jboss.cache.lock

Classes in org.jboss.cache.lock that implement LockStrategy
 class LockStrategyNone
          Transaction isolation level of None.
 class LockStrategyReadCommitted
          Transaction isolation level of READ_COMMITTED.
 class LockStrategyReadUncommitted
          Transaction isolation level of READ-UNCOMMITTED.
 class LockStrategyRepeatableRead
          Transaction isolation level of Repeatable_Read.
 class LockStrategySerializable
          Lock strategy of Serializable that prevents dirty read, non-repeatable read, and phantom read.

Methods in org.jboss.cache.lock that return LockStrategy
 LockStrategy LockStrategyFactory.getLockStrategy()
 LockStrategy LockStrategyFactory.getLockStrategy(IsolationLevel lockingLevel)

Methods in org.jboss.cache.lock with parameters of type LockStrategy
 void LockMap.releaseReaderOwners(LockStrategy lock)

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