Package org.jboss.cache.marshall

Interface Summary
Marshaller A marshaller is a class that is able to marshall and unmarshall objects efficiently.
ReplicationObserver This is a hook for observing remotely replicated commands on this instance.

Class Summary
AbstractMarshaller Abstract AbstractMarshaller for JBoss Cache.
CacheMarshaller200 An enhanced marshaller for RPC calls between CacheImpl instances.
CacheMarshaller210 An evolution of CacheMarshaller200, created to fix JBCACHE-1211.
CacheMarshaller300 Adds special treatment of arrays over and above the superclass.
CommandAwareRpcDispatcher A JGroups RPC dispatcher that knows how to deal with ReplicableCommands.
ExtendedResponse A response with extended information
InactiveRegionAwareRpcDispatcher Extends RpcDispatcher and adds the possibility that the marshaller may throw InactiveRegionExceptions.
MarshalledValue Wrapper that wraps cached data, providing lazy deserialization using the calling thread's context class loader.
MarshalledValueHelper Common functionality used by the MarshalledValueInterceptor and the MarshalledValueMap.
MarshalledValueMap A Map that is able to wrap/unwrap MarshalledValues in keys or values.
MarshallUtil Utility methods related to marshalling and unmarshalling objects.
MethodCall Deprecated. - in favour of ReplicableCommand instances.
NodeData<K,V> Serializable representation of the data of a node (FQN and attributes)
RegionalizedMethodCall A regionalized MethodCall object, created when Marshaller.regionalizedMethodCallFromByteBuffer(byte[]) or Marshaller.regionalizedMethodCallFromObjectStream( is called.
RequestIgnoredResponse Indicates that the request was ignored,
UnmarshalledReferences An efficient array-based list of referenced objects, using the reference id as a subscript for the array.
VersionAwareMarshaller A delegate to various other marshallers like CacheMarshaller200.

Exception Summary
InactiveRegionException Thrown by a AbstractMarshaller instance when attempting to perform an operation on an inactive region.
MarshallingException Thrown when there is an exception in marshalling.
RegionNameConflictException MarshRegion name conflicts with pre-existing regions.
RegionNotFoundException MarshRegion name not found.

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