Class RepeatableReadNode

  extended by org.jboss.cache.invocation.AbstractInvocationDelegate
      extended by org.jboss.cache.invocation.NodeInvocationDelegate
          extended by org.jboss.cache.mvcc.ReadCommittedNode
              extended by org.jboss.cache.mvcc.RepeatableReadNode
All Implemented Interfaces:
Node, NodeSPI
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class RepeatableReadNode
extends ReadCommittedNode

A node delegate that encapsulates repeatable read semantics when writes are initiated, committed or rolled back.

Manik Surtani (manik AT jboss DOT org)

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backup, flags, parent
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Fields inherited from class org.jboss.cache.invocation.AbstractInvocationDelegate
componentRegistry, configuration, invocationContextContainer, invoker, originLocal
Constructor Summary
RepeatableReadNode(InternalNode node, InternalNode parent)
Method Summary
 void markForUpdate(DataContainer container, boolean writeSkewCheck)
          Marks a node for updating.
protected  void updateNode(Fqn fqn, InvocationContext ctx, DataContainer dataContainer)
          Updates state changes on the current node in the underlying data structure.
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commitUpdate, getInternalParent, isChanged, isCreated, isDeleted, isFlagSet, isNullNode, lookupParent, markAsDeleted, markAsDeleted, rollbackUpdate, setChildrenLoaded, setCreated, setDataLoaded, setFlag, unsetFlag
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Constructor Detail


public RepeatableReadNode(InternalNode node,
                          InternalNode parent)
Method Detail


public void markForUpdate(DataContainer container,
                          boolean writeSkewCheck)
Description copied from interface: NodeSPI
Marks a node for updating. Internally, this creates a copy of the delegate and performs any checks necessary to maintain isolation level.

Only used with MVCC.

Specified by:
markForUpdate in interface NodeSPI
markForUpdate in class ReadCommittedNode
container - data container
writeSkewCheck - if true, and the node supports write skew checking, nodes are tested for write skews.


protected void updateNode(Fqn fqn,
                          InvocationContext ctx,
                          DataContainer dataContainer)
Description copied from class: ReadCommittedNode
Updates state changes on the current node in the underlying data structure.

updateNode in class ReadCommittedNode
ctx - invocation context
dataContainer - data container

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