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Deprecated. this is to support a deprecated locking scheme (Optimistic Locking). Will be removed when Optimistic Locking support is removed.

public interface DataVersion
extends Serializable

When versioning data nodes in optimistic locking, a DataVersion is assigned to each node. Versions need to implement the newerThan(org.jboss.cache.optimistic.DataVersion) method so they can be compared during the validation phase upon commit.

It is recommended that implementations implement Externalizable and make use of a good marshalling/unmarshalling mechanism for the sake of efficiency, as these objects are frequently serialized to be replicated across the wire.

Manik Surtani (manik AT jboss DOT org)

Method Summary
 boolean newerThan(DataVersion other)
          Deprecated. Returns true if this is a newer version than other.

Method Detail


boolean newerThan(DataVersion other)
Returns true if this is a newer version than other. There is no guarantee that the DataVersion passed in is of the same implementation as the current instance. The implementation will have to check for this (if necessary) and (if necessary) throw a DataVersioningException.

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