Package org.jboss.cache.buddyreplication

Interface Summary
AddressLocator Locates the InetAddress of an Address
BuddyLocator Buddy Locators help the BuddyManager select buddies for its buddy group.

Class Summary
BuddyFqnTransformer Knows how to transform between fqn and buddy-formated fqns.
BuddyGroup Value object that represents a buddy group
BuddyManager Class that manages buddy replication groups.
Fqn2BuddyFqnVisitor For each command the fqns are changed such that they are under the current buddy group's backup subtree (e.g., /_buddy_backup_/my_host:7890/) rather than the root (/).
GravitateResult A class that encapsulates the result of a data gravitation call, a part of the Buddy Replication framwork.
JGroups26AddressLocator Address locator that has no knowledge of the new JGroups PhysicalAddress interface
JGroups28AddressLocator An address locator that is able to deal with the JGroups 2.8 PhysicalAddress interface
NextMemberBuddyLocator This buddy locator uses a next-in-line algorithm to select buddies for a buddy group.
NextMemberBuddyLocatorConfig Type-specific configuration object for NextMemberBuddyLocator.

Exception Summary
BuddyNotInitException Exception to depict that a buddy has not been initialised to participate in any comms

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