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Packages that use NodeNotExistsException

Uses of NodeNotExistsException in org.jboss.cache

Methods in org.jboss.cache that throw NodeNotExistsException
 void Cache.move(Fqn nodeToMove, Fqn newParent)
          Moves a part of the cache to a different subtree.
 void Cache.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent)
          Convenience method that takes in string representations of Fqns.

Uses of NodeNotExistsException in org.jboss.cache.invocation

Methods in org.jboss.cache.invocation that throw NodeNotExistsException
 boolean CacheInvocationDelegate.isLeaf(Fqn fqn)
 boolean CacheInvocationDelegate.isLeaf(String fqn)
 void CacheInvocationDelegate.move(Fqn nodeToMove, Fqn newParent)
 void CacheInvocationDelegate.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent)

Uses of NodeNotExistsException in org.jboss.cache.mvcc

Methods in org.jboss.cache.mvcc that throw NodeNotExistsException
protected  InternalNode ReadCommittedNode.lookupParent(Fqn fqn, InvocationContext ctx, DataContainer container)
          Performs a lookup for the parent node of the Fqn passed in.

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