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Packages that use NodeLock

Uses of NodeLock in org.jboss.cache

Methods in org.jboss.cache that return NodeLock
 NodeLock NodeSPI.getLock()
          Deprecated. this will be removed in 3.0.0. Please use methods on the LockManager to lock and unlock nodes.
 NodeLock InternalNode.getLock()

Uses of NodeLock in org.jboss.cache.invocation

Methods in org.jboss.cache.invocation that return NodeLock
 NodeLock NodeInvocationDelegate.getLock()

Uses of NodeLock in org.jboss.cache.lock

Classes in org.jboss.cache.lock that implement NodeLock
 class IdentityLock
          Deprecated. will be removed when we drop support for Pessimistic Locking and Optimistic Locking

Methods in org.jboss.cache.lock that return types with arguments of type NodeLock
 Set<NodeLock> NodeLock.acquireAll(Object caller, long timeout, LockType lock_type)
          Deprecated. Recursively acquire locks for this node and all subnodes, including internal Fqns such as buddy backup subtrees.
 Set<NodeLock> IdentityLock.acquireAll(Object caller, long timeout, LockType lock_type)
 Set<NodeLock> NodeLock.acquireAll(Object caller, long timeout, LockType lock_type, boolean excludeInternalFqns)
          Deprecated. Same as the overloaded acquire(Object, long, LockType) except that you can optionally specify that internal Fqns - such as buddy backup subtrees - can be excluded when acquiring locks.
 Set<NodeLock> IdentityLock.acquireAll(Object caller, long timeout, LockType lock_type, boolean excludeInternalFqns)

Uses of NodeLock in org.jboss.cache.mvcc

Methods in org.jboss.cache.mvcc that return NodeLock
 NodeLock NodeReference.getLock()

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