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Chapter 13. JMX References

13.1. JBoss Cache Statistics
13.2. JMX MBean Notifications

There is a whole wealth of information being gathered and exposed on to JMX for monitoring the cache. Some of these are detailed below:

Table 13.1. JBoss Cache JMX MBeans

MBeanAttribute/Operation NameDescription
DataContainerImplgetNumberOfAttributes()Returns the number of attributes in all nodes in the data container
 getNumberOfNodes()Returns the number of nodes in the data container
 printDetails()Prints details of the data container
RPCManagerImpllocalAddressStringString representation of the local address
 membersStringString representation of the cluster view
 statisticsEnabledWhether RPC statistics are being gathered
 replicationCountNumber of successful replications
 replicationFailuresNumber of failed replications
 successRatioRPC call success ratio
RegionManagerImpldumpRegions()Dumps a String representation of all registered regions, including eviction regions depicting their event queue sizes
 numRegionsNumber of registered regions
BuddyManagerbuddyGroupA String representation of the cache's buddy group
 buddyGroupsIParticipateInString representations of all buddy groups the cache participates in
TransactionTablenumberOfRegisteredTransactionsThe number of registered, ongoing transactions
 transactionMapA String representation of all currently registered transactions mapped to internal GlobalTransaction instances
MVCCLockManagerconcurrencyLevelThe configured concurrency level
 numberOfLocksAvailableNumber of locks in the shared lock pool that are not used
 numberOfLocksHeldNumber of locks in the shared lock pool that are in use
 testHashing(String fqn)Tests the spreading of locks across Fqns. For a given (String based) Fqn, this method returns the index in the lock array that it maps to.
ActivationInterceptorActivationsNumber of passivated nodes that have been activated.
CacheLoaderInterceptorCacheLoaderLoadsNumber of nodes loaded through a cache loader.
 CacheLoaderMissesNumber of unsuccessful attempts to load a node through a cache loader.
CacheMgmtInterceptorHitsNumber of successful attribute retrievals.
 MissesNumber of unsuccessful attribute retrievals.
 StoresNumber of attribute store operations.
 EvictionsNumber of node evictions.
 NumberOfAttributesNumber of attributes currently cached.
 NumberOfNodesNumber of nodes currently cached.
 ElapsedTimeNumber of seconds that the cache has been running.
 TimeSinceResetNumber of seconds since the cache statistics have been reset.
 AverageReadTimeAverage time in milliseconds to retrieve a cache attribute, including unsuccessful attribute retrievals.
 AverageWriteTimeAverage time in milliseconds to write a cache attribute.
 HitMissRatioRatio of hits to hits and misses. A hit is a get attribute operation that results in an object being returned to the client. The retrieval may be from a cache loader if the entry isn't in the local cache.
 ReadWriteRatioRatio of read operations to write operations. This is the ratio of cache hits and misses to cache stores.
CacheStoreInterceptorCacheLoaderStoresNumber of nodes written to the cache loader.
InvalidationInterceptorInvalidationsNumber of cached nodes that have been invalidated.
PassivationInterceptorPassivationsNumber of cached nodes that have been passivated.
TxInterceptorPreparesNumber of transaction prepare operations performed by this interceptor.
 CommitsNumber of transaction commit operations performed by this interceptor.
 RollbacksNumber of transaction rollbacks operations performed by this interceptor.
 numberOfSyncsRegisteredNumber of synchronizations registered with the transaction manager pending completion and removal.

The following table depicts the JMX notifications available for JBoss Cache as well as the cache events to which they correspond. These are the notifications that can be received through the CacheJmxWrapper MBean. Each notification represents a single event published by JBoss Cache and provides user data corresponding to the parameters of the event.