Interface Summary
CacheQuery A cache-query is what will be returned when the createQuery() method is run.
QueryResultIterator Iterates over query results

SearchableCache<K,V> This will be the most used interface in JBossCache searchable.

Class Summary
CacheEntityId This class is used to get fqns, keys and documentId's by calling methods on Transformer

CacheEntityLoader Class that is used to load objects from a list of CacheEntityId ids.
CacheQueryImpl Implementation class of the CacheQuery interface.
LazyQueryResultIterator Implementation for QueryResultIterator.
NodeModifiedTransactionContext This class implements the TransactionContext interface.
QueryResultIteratorImpl This is the implementation class for the interface QueryResultIterator which extends ListIterator.
SearchableCacheConfiguration Class that implements SearchConfiguration so that within JBossCache Searchable, there is no need for a Hibernate Core configuration object.
SearchableCacheFactory Factory class used to create the searchable-cache like so: -

SearchableCache searchableCache = SearchableCacheFactory.createSearchableCache(coreCache, class[]);

SearchableCacheImpl<K,V> Implementation class for the SearchableCache interface.
Transformer This class is one that does all the 'conversion' work between JBossCache and Hibernate Search.
Version Spits out the version number.

Exception Summary
InvalidFqnException Thrown when an invalid Fqn is passed into Transformer.generateId(org.jboss.cache.Fqn, String)

InvalidKeyException * Thrown when an invalid Key is passed into Transformer.generateId(org.jboss.cache.Fqn, String)


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