Class InMemoryRepository

  extended by
      extended by org.jboss.dna.graph.connector.inmemory.InMemoryRepository

public class InMemoryRepository
extends MapRepository

A specialized MapRepository that represents an in-memory repository.

Constructor Summary
InMemoryRepository(String sourceName, UUID rootNodeUuid)
InMemoryRepository(String sourceName, UUID rootNodeUuid, String defaultWorkspaceName)
Method Summary
 MapRepositoryTransaction startTransaction(boolean readonly)
          Begin a transaction, hinting whether the transaction will be used only to read the content.
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Constructor Detail


public InMemoryRepository(String sourceName,
                          UUID rootNodeUuid)


public InMemoryRepository(String sourceName,
                          UUID rootNodeUuid,
                          String defaultWorkspaceName)
Method Detail


public MapRepositoryTransaction startTransaction(boolean readonly)
Begin a transaction, hinting whether the transaction will be used only to read the content. If this is called, then the transaction must be either committed or rolled back.

Specified by:
startTransaction in class MapRepository
readonly - true if the transaction will not modify any content, or false if changes are to be made
the transaction; never null
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