A set of basic implementations of the various interfaces defined in


Class Summary
AbstractBinary An abstract implementation of Binary that provides some common capabilities for other implementations.
AbstractBinaryValueFactory An abstract BinaryFactory implementation that contains many general methods that are likely to be appropriate for many concrete implementations.
AbstractPath An abstract foundation for different Path implementations.
AbstractValueFactories Abstract implementation of ValueFactories that implements all the methods other than the get*Factory() methods.
AbstractValueFactory<T> Abstract ValueFactory.
BasicEmptyProperty An immutable version of a property that has no values.
BasicMultiValueProperty An immutable version of a property that has 2 or more values.
BasicName A basic implementation of Name.
BasicNamespace Basic implementation of a NamespaceRegistry namespace.
BasicPath A basic implementation of Path.
BasicPathSegment A basic implementation of Path.Segment.
BasicProperty An abstract Property implementation.
BasicPropertyFactory A basic PropertyFactory implementation.
BasicSingleValueProperty An immutable version of a property that has exactly 1 value.
BooleanValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.BOOLEAN values.
ChildPath Implementation of a Path that has the information for the last segment but that points to another Path for the parent information.
DecimalValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.DECIMAL values.
DoubleValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.DOUBLE values.
GraphNamespaceRegistry A NamespaceRegistry implementation that stores the namespaces in a Graph as individual nodes for each namespace, under a parent supplied by the constructor.
InMemoryBinary An implementation of Binary that keeps the binary data in-memory.
InMemoryBinaryValueFactory The ValueFactory for in-memory PropertyType.BINARY values.
JodaDateTime Implementation of DateTime based upon the Joda-Time library.
JodaDateTimeValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.DATE values.
LocalNamespaceRegistry A special NamespaceRegistry implementation that can be used to track transient registrations for another delegate registry.
LongValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.LONG values.
NameValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.NAME values.
ObjectValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.OBJECT values.
PathValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.NAME values.
RootPath Optimized implementation of Path that serves as the root path.
SimpleNamespaceRegistry A simple NamespaceRegistry implementation that is not thread-safe, but that provides all the basic functionality.
StandardValueFactories The standard set of value factories.
StringValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.STRING values.
ThreadSafeNamespaceRegistry A thread-safe NamespaceRegistry that may be used as a thread-safe wrapper around another non-thread-safe implementation.
UriValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.URI values.
UuidReference A Reference implementation that uses a single UUID as the pointer.
UuidReferenceValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.REFERENCE values.
UuidValueFactory The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.URI values.

Package Description

A set of basic implementations of the various interfaces defined in These implementations are all very good defaults, and in most cases can be used as is.

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