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org.jboss.dna.graph.query.model The Abstract Query Model is a vocabulary that can be used to construct a language-neutral representation of a query. 

Uses of Source in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.model

Subclasses of Source in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.model
 class AllNodes
          A selector that represents a source that returns all nodes.
 class Join
 class NamedSelector
 class Selector

Methods in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.model that return Source
 Source Join.getLeft()
          Get the source that represents the left-hand-side of the join.
 Source Join.getRight()
          Get the source that represents the right-hand-side of the join.
 Source Query.getSource()
          Get the source for the results.

Constructors in org.jboss.dna.graph.query.model with parameters of type Source
Join(Source left, JoinType type, Source right, JoinCondition joinCondition)
          Create a join of the left and right sources, using the supplied join condition.
Query(Source source)
          Create a new query that uses the supplied source.
Query(Source source, Constraint constraint, List<Ordering> orderings, List<Column> columns, Limit limit, boolean isDistinct)
          Create a new query that uses the supplied source, constraint, orderings, columns and limits.

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