Package org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.attachment

Interface Summary
Constants A collection of constants relevant to JBossWS

Class Summary
AttachmentPartImpl Implementation of the AttachmentPart interface.
BoundaryDelimitedInputStream BoundaryDelimitedInputStream encapsulates a stream that is sepearated into different sections by a common boundary, such as a MIME multipart message.
ContentHandlerRegistry ContentHandlerRegistry is responsible for registering JBossWS data content handlers in JAF.
ImageDataContentHandler ImageDataContentHandler is a JAF content handler that handles marshalling/unmarshalling between Image objects and a stream.
IOUtils IO utilites
JavaUtils Java utilities
MimeConstants Generic mime related constants.
MimeUtils Generic mime utility class.
MultipartRelatedDecoder Abstract MutilPartRelatedDecoder decodes a mime multipart/related stream.
RawByteArrayOutputStream Extension of ByteArrayOutputStream that provides access to buf, saving a copy.
SimpleBoyerMoore SimpleBoyerMoore is an implementation of the simplified version of the Boyer-Moore pattern search algorithm.
SwapableMemoryDataSource A datasource which offloads large attachments to disk.
XmlDataContentHandler XmlDataContentHandler is a JAF content handler that provides marchalling/unmarshalling between a StreamSource and a generic stream.