Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.gateway

Interface Summary
ESBPropertiesSetter Strategy for setting ESB Message object properties.

Class Summary
AbstractFileGateway Base class for all file gateways: local filesystem, ftp, sftp and ftps.
DefaultESBPropertiesSetter Default impl of ESBPropertiesSetter.
GroovyGateway Gateway listener that start the supplied Groovy script.
HibernateEventBean Bean for hibernate events - contains an event and a class name.
HibernateEventListener This class is a Hibernate EventListener which implements hooks to all the available hibernate events.
HibernateGatewayListener HibernateGatewayListener is a listener which creates a HibernateInterceptor for the classname/events that need to be listened to.
HibernateInterceptor HibernateInterceptor intercepts Hibernate events and sends the object they are being performed upon in a message.
JBossRemotingGatewayListener JBoss Remoting listener implementation for receiving ESB unaware messages over a JBoss Remoting channel.
JBossRemotingGatewayListener.JBossRemotingMessageComposer Message composer for a JBoss Remoting InvocationRequest instance.
LocalFileMessageComposer Local File Message Composer.
PackageHibernateMessageContents Default packaging for Hibernate Entity messages.
PackageJmsMessageContents Default gateway action for plain jms messages

It will just drop the jms message contents into a esb Message

ReadOnlyRemoteGatewayListener This class extends RemoteGatewayListener and is intended to be used when the remote file system does not support write operations.
RemoteFileMessageComposer Remote File Message Composer.
RemoteGatewayListener Sample Listener Configuration:
SqlTableGatewayListener Polls an SQL table for rows that satisfy conditions defined in the xml runtime configuration

When a row that matches conditions is retrieved, it's contents are packed into an ESB Message and

The following fields are mandatory (see checkMyParms()):

SQL table name
list of fields to retrieve
list of key fields to use in the update statement
a field that will be used to mark a row as 'pending(p)', 'in process(w)', 'done(d)' or 'in error(e)'

SqlTableGatewayListener.PackageRowContents Default gateway action for SQL table rows

It will just drop the result set contents into a Message


Enum Summary

Exception Summary
GatewayException Gateway Exception.