Package org.jboss.soa.esb.notification

Class Summary
NotificationList Holds lists of NotificationTarget objects so that the NotificationHandler EJB behaviour can be controlled at runtime by client applications
NotificationTarget Abstract class to define expected behaviour of all NotificationTargets and provide some common functionality to all of them
NotifyEmail This class will send an e-mail using the Email class
NotifyFiles Write the notification contents into a list of files specified in the constructor time parameters.
NotifyFTP Sends a message to an outgoing FTP server.
NotifyJMS Abstract class that defines the behaviour of NotifyQueues and NotifyTopics (and in fact any other javax.jms.Destination object), and provides common methods to derived classes
NotifyQueues This class that implements abstract methods defined in it's superclass
NotifyTopics KS: It is silly we open and close the jms connection with eash request.

Exception Summary
NotificationException Configuration Exception.