JBoss Logging 3.0.0.Beta5-SNAPSHOT

Package org.jboss.logging

Interface Summary
BasicLogger An interface which specifies the basic logger methods.
ParameterConverter<I> A converter for a specific parameter type.

Class Summary
Logger An abstracted logging entry point.
Messages A factory class to produce message bundle implementations.

Enum Summary
Logger.Level Levels used by this logging API.
Message.Format The possible format types.

Annotation Types Summary
Cause Mark a parameter as being the "exception cause" parameter rather than a positional format parameter.
LogMessage A typed logger method.
Message Assigns a message string to a resource method.
MessageBundle Signify that an interface is a message bundle interface.
MessageLogger Signify that an interface is a typed logger interface.

JBoss Logging 3.0.0.Beta5-SNAPSHOT

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