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Chapter 6. JBoss Modules

6.1. Setting module dependencies
6.1.1. Using MANIFEST.MF
6.1.2. Using jboss-deployment-descriptor.xml

The JBoss Web Services functionalities are provided by a given set of modules / libraries installed on the server.

On WildFly, those are organized into JBoss Modules modules. In particular the org.jboss.as.webservices.* and org.jboss.ws.* modules belong to the JBossWS - WildFly integration. Users should not need to change anything in them.

While users are of course allowed to provide their own modules for their custom needs, below is a brief collection of suggestions and hints around modules and webservices development on WildFly.

On WildFly the user deployment classloader does not have any visibility over JBoss internals; so for instance you can't directly use JBossWS implementation classes unless you explicitly set a dependency to the corresponding module. As a consequence, users need to declare the module dependencies they want to be added to their deployment.

The convenient method for configuring deployment dependencies is adding them into the MANIFEST.MF file:

Here above org.jboss.ws.cxf.jbossws-cxf-client and foo.bar are the modules you want to set dependencies to; services tells the modules framework that you want to also import META-INF/services/.. declarations from the dependency, while export exports the classes from the module to any other module that might be depending on the module implicitly created for your deployment.