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Chapter 4. Examples

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Importing Projects through Git
4.3. Human Resources Example
4.3.1. The Kie Project: human-resources
4.3.2. Building the Human Resources Example
4.3.3. Create a new Process Instance
4.4. Examples zip

The web-based workbench by default will install two sample repositories that contain various sample projects that help you getting started. This section shows different examples that can be found in the jbpm-playground repository (also available here: https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-playground). All these examples are high level and business oriented.

If you want to contribute with these examples please get in touch with any member of the jBPM/Drools Team.

To import the Human Resources example, as well as other examples, follow these steps:

This will import a number of premade examples into your instance of jBPM.

The Human Resource Example's use case can be described as follows: A company wants to hire new developers. In this process, three departments (that is the Human resources, IT, and Accounting) are involved. These departments are represented by three users: Katy, Jack, and John respectively.

Note that only four out of the six defined activities within the business process are User Tasks. User Tasks require human interaction. The other two tasks are Service Tasks, which are automated and connected to other systems.

Each instance of the process will follow certain actions:

  • The human resources team performs the initial interview with the candidate.

  • The IT department team performs the technical interview.

  • Based on the output from the previous two steps, the accounting team creates a job proposal.

  • When the proposal has been drafted, it is automatically sent to the candidate via email.

  • If the candidate accepts the proposal, a new meeting to sign the contract is scheduled.

  • Finally, if the candidate accepts the proposal, the system posts a message about the new hire using Twitter service connector.

Note, that Jack, John, and Katy represent any employee within the company with appropriate role assigned.

A zip file of examples can also be downloaded from the downloads page, containing various examples that can be opened in the Eclipse-based Developers Tools. Simply download and unzip the examples artefact and import into your Eclipse workspace.