Chapter 15. Business calendar

This chapter describes the business calendar of jBPM. The business calendar knows about business hours and is used in calculation of due dates for tasks and timers.

The business calendar is able to calculate a date by adding a duration and a date.

15.1. Duration

A duration is specified in absolute or in business hours. Let's look at the syntax:

<quantity> [business] <unit>

Where <quantity> is a piece of text that is parsable with Double.parseDouble(quantity). <unit> is one of {second, seconds, minute, minutes, hour, hours, day, days, week, weeks, month, months, year, years}. And adding the optional indication business means that only business hours should be taken into account for this duration. Without the indication business, the duration will be interpreted as an absolute time period.

15.2. Calendar configuration

The file org/jbpm/calendar/ specifies what business hours are. The configuration file can be customized and a modified copy can be placed in the root of the classpath.

This is the example business hour specification that is shipped by default in

#weekday ::= [<daypart> [& <daypart>]*]
#daypart ::= <start-hour>-<to-hour>
#start-hour and to-hour must be in the hour.format
#dayparts have to be ordered
weekday.monday=    9:00-12:00 & 12:30-17:00
weekday.thuesday=  9:00-12:00 & 12:30-17:00
weekday.wednesday= 9:00-12:00 & 12:30-17:00
weekday.thursday=  9:00-12:00 & 12:30-17:00
weekday.friday=    9:00-12:00 & 12:30-17:00

# holiday syntax: <holiday>
# holiday period syntax: <start-day>-<end-day>
# below are the belgian official holidays
holiday.1=  01/01/2005 # nieuwjaar
holiday.2=  27/3/2005  # pasen 
holiday.3=  28/3/2005  # paasmaandag 
holiday.4=  1/5/2005   # feest van de arbeid
holiday.5=  5/5/2005   # hemelvaart 
holiday.6=  15/5/2005  # pinksteren 
holiday.7=  16/5/2005  # pinkstermaandag 
holiday.8=  21/7/2005  # my birthday 
holiday.9=  15/8/2005  # moederkesdag 
holiday.10= 1/11/2005  # allerheiligen 
holiday.11= 11/11/2005 # wapenstilstand 
holiday.12= 25/12/2005 # kerstmis             8           40  21  220