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Packages that use PropertiesConfiguration
org.drools The KnowledgeBase and its factory. 
org.drools.agent The KnowlegeAgent provides automatic loading, caching and re-loading, of resources and is configured from a properties files. 
org.drools.builder The builder package is responsible for building knowledge definitions from artifact resources. io library for working with Resources See ResourceFactory for more details  
org.drools.runtime The runtime engine classes, including StatefulKnowledgeSession and StatelessKnowledgeSession. 

Uses of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools

Subinterfaces of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools
 interface KnowledgeBaseConfiguration
           A class to store KnowledgeBase related configuration.

Uses of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.agent

Subinterfaces of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.agent
 interface KnowledgeAgentConfiguration
           This class configures and allows inspection of the current configuration of a KnowledgeAgent drools.agent.scanResources = <true|false> Enables(true) or Disables(false) the continuous scan of resources.

Uses of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.builder

Subinterfaces of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.builder
 interface KnowledgeBuilderConfiguration
           This class configures the knowledge package builder and compiler.

Uses of PropertiesConfiguration in

Subinterfaces of PropertiesConfiguration in
 interface ResourceChangeScannerConfiguration
          drools.resource.scanner.interval = : default 60s

Uses of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.runtime

Subinterfaces of PropertiesConfiguration in org.drools.runtime
 interface KnowledgeSessionConfiguration
          KnowledgeSessionConfiguration A class to store Session related configuration.

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