Interface EventListener

All Known Subinterfaces:
ProcessInstance, ProcessInstance, WorkflowProcessInstance, WorkflowProcessInstance
All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeContextNodeInstance, CompositeNodeInstance, DynamicNodeInstance, ForEachNodeInstance, HumanTaskNodeInstance, MilestoneNodeInstance, ProcessInstanceImpl, RuleFlowProcessInstance, RuleSetNodeInstance, StateBasedNodeInstance, StateNodeInstance, SubProcessNodeInstance, TimerNodeInstance, WorkflowProcessInstanceImpl, WorkItemNodeInstance

public interface EventListener

An interface that represents an element that is listening for specific types of events.

Method Summary
 String[] getEventTypes()
          Returns the event types this event listener is interested in.
 void signalEvent(String type, Object event)
          Signals that an event has occurred.

Method Detail


void signalEvent(String type,
                 Object event)
Signals that an event has occurred. The type parameter defines which type of event and the event parameter can contain additional information related to the event.

type - the type of event
event - the data associated with this event


String[] getEventTypes()
Returns the event types this event listener is interested in. May return null if the event types are unknown.

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