Uses of Interface

Packages that use WorkingMemory
org.drools.runtime The runtime engine classes, including StatefulKnowledgeSession and StatelessKnowledgeSession. 
org.drools.runtime.rule The rule runtime classes. 

Uses of WorkingMemory in org.drools.runtime

Subinterfaces of WorkingMemory in org.drools.runtime
 interface KnowledgeRuntime
 interface StatefulKnowledgeSession
          StatefulKnowledgeSession is the most common way to interact with the engine.

Uses of WorkingMemory in org.drools.runtime.rule

Methods in org.drools.runtime.rule with parameters of type WorkingMemory
 void ConsequenceExceptionHandler.handleException(Activation activation, WorkingMemory workingMemory, Exception exception)

Constructors in org.drools.runtime.rule with parameters of type WorkingMemory
ConsequenceException(Throwable rootCause, WorkingMemory workingMemory, Activation activation)

Uses of WorkingMemory in org.jbpm.process

Classes in org.jbpm.process that implement WorkingMemory
 class StatefulProcessSession

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