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public interface NodeInstance
extends NodeInstance

Represents a node instance in a RuleFlow. This is the runtime counterpart of a node, containing all runtime state. Node instance classes also contain the logic on what to do when it is being triggered (start executing) or completed (end of execution).

Method Summary
 void cancel()
 Node getNode()
          Return the node this node instance refers to.
 ContextInstance resolveContextInstance(String contextId, Object param)
 void trigger(NodeInstance from, String type)
Methods inherited from interface org.drools.runtime.process.NodeInstance
getId, getNodeId, getNodeInstanceContainer, getNodeName, getProcessInstance, getVariable, setVariable

Method Detail


void trigger(NodeInstance from,
             String type)


void cancel()


Node getNode()
Description copied from interface: NodeInstance
Return the node this node instance refers to. The node represents the definition that this node instance was based on.

Specified by:
getNode in interface NodeInstance
the node this node instance refers to


ContextInstance resolveContextInstance(String contextId,
                                       Object param)

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