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Chapter 4. Examples

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Human Resources Example
4.2.1. The KIE Project: human-resources
4.2.2. Building the Human Resources Example
4.2.3. Create a new Process Instance
4.3. Examples zip

The web-based workbench by default will install two sample repositories that contain various sample projects that help you getting started. This section shows different examples that can be found in the jbpm-playground repository (also available here: https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-playground). All these examples are high level and business oriented.

If you want to contribute with these examples please get in touch with any member of the jBPM/Drools Team.

Let’s imagine for a second that you work for a Software company that works with several projects and from time to time the company wants to hire new developers. So, which employees, Departments and Systems are required to Hire a new Developer in your company? Trying to answering these questions will help you to define your business process. The following figure, represents how does this process works for Acme Inc. We can clearly see that three Departments are involved: Human Resources, IT and Accounting teams are involved. Inside our company we have Katy from the Human Resources Team, Jack on the IT team and John from the Accounting team involved. Notice that there are other people inside each team, but we will be using Katy, Jack and John to demonstrate how to execute the business process.

Notice that there are 6 activities defined inside this business process, 4 of them are User Tasks, which means that will be handled by people. The other two are Service Tasks, which means an interaction with another system will be required.

The process diagram is self explanatory, but just in case and to avoid confusions this is what is supposed to happen for each instance of the process that is started a particular candidate:

As you can see Jack, John and Katy will be performing the tasks for this example instance of the business process, but any person inside the company that have those Roles will be able to claim and interact with those tasks.

A zip file of examples can also be downloaded from the downloads page, containing various examples that can be opened in the Eclipse-based Developers Tools. Simply download and unzip the examples artefact and import into your Eclipse workspace.