Class SkipExpressionSpec

  extended by org.jboss.jsfunit.analysis.el.SkipExpressionSpec

public class SkipExpressionSpec
extends Object

Sometimes you don't want a particular set of expressions to be checked. Providing a SkipExpressionSpec gives you a simple way to express this set. A SkipExpressionSpec has 2 coordinates: a commons-io file filter, and a regular expression string. An empty spec (both coordinates null) will cause everything to be skipped (this isn't really seen as a common use case, but it keeps things conceptually simple). Additions to the spec narrow the set of skipped items. So, for instance, specifying a file filter, but no regular expression, will cause all ELExpressions in the specified files to be skipped. Specifying a regular expression, but no file filter, will cause the ELExpressions that match the regular expression to be skipped in all files. The reason we're choosing which expressions to skip, rather than those to include, is that we're assuming that by default, we want an expression to be checked. We're using regular expressions to filter ELExpressions because I'm lazy.


Constructor Summary
SkipExpressionSpec( files, String expr)
Method Summary
 Pattern getExpressionFilter()
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Constructor Detail


public SkipExpressionSpec( files,
                          String expr)
Method Detail


public getFileFilter()


public Pattern getExpressionFilter()

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