Package org.jboss.jsfunit.jsfsession

Provides a JSFClientSession and JSFServerSession for JUnit tests.


Class Summary
ClientIDs This immutable helper class gathers all the client IDs from the current component tree.
HtmlUnitSnooper RequestListener outputs before and after each request made by HtmlUnit.
JSFClientSession This class provides a wrapper for HtmlUnit that imitates browser interaction with a JSF application.
JSFServerSession The JSFServerSession provides a simplified API that wraps parts of the JSF API for things that you would commonly do in testing.
JSFSession This class starts and manages the JSF Session on both the client and server side.

Exception Summary
ComponentIDNotFoundException Exception indicates that a component ID could not be found on the current page (client side) or component tree (server side).
DuplicateClientIDException Exception indicates that a reference was made to a JSF component with a client ID suffix that matched more than one component on a page (client side) or in a component tree (server side).

Package org.jboss.jsfunit.jsfsession Description

Provides a JSFClientSession and JSFServerSession for JUnit tests.

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