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Chapter 7. Looking to the future

What's next for JBoss DNA? Well, the sequencing system is just the beginning. With this release, the sequencing system is stable enough so that more sequencers can be developed and used within your own applications. We've also established the foundation for JBoss DNA repositories, including a number of connectors. We'll continue to expand our library of sequencers and connectors, as well as expand our support of JCR. Other components on our roadmap include a web user interface, a REST-ful server, and a view system that allows domain-specific views of information in the repository. These components are farther out on our roadmap, and at this time have not been targeted to a particular release.

If you're interested in getting involved with the JBoss DNA project, consider picking up one of the sequencers on our roadmap. Or, check out JIRA for the list of sequencers we've thought of. If you think of one that's not there, please add it to JIRA!